Christmas Eve was very sweet this time! After nervously waiting for nearly two months, the Entries email finally arrived in my mailbox and brought me this wonderful news:

FullSizeRender (00A)

Happiness and anxiety were flipping coins to take over my state of mind, but now I’m mostly just happy and very excited. And the butterflies in my stomach make good company. So now my to do list for the next months roughly looks like this:

  • Let the boss know I won’t come to work for pretty much all of August
  • Route planning
  • Bike fitting
  • Gear optimalisation – navigation, new wheels and/or tyres, clothing etc. etc.
  • Figuring out the practicalities like do I need a visa, local currencies, maybe already book a plane from Turkey back home?
  • Continuing my sessions with my PT
  • Keeping an eye on everyone else’s preparation blogs

And… I’m afraid this one’s kind of inevitable:

  • Training, lots and lots of training

I had a couple of days off between Christmas and NYE, but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t ride as much as I should and could have. The temperature was actually really nice, but somehow I managed to have fierce head winds or cross winds ALL THE TIME, no matter what direction I was biking. This is always the no. 1 thing to crush my morale, and I realise this needs to be addressed somehow in the upcoming months. There’s no escaping winds in the TCR!


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