Shut up, brain!

A few days ago the following message was posted on the Transcontinental facebook page:

The mind game.
So I’ve seen a lot of posts so far from confident and well organised punters which leads me to the question: Is anyone sh@tting themselves at the prospect of doing the TCR like me?

It was very reassuring to read that I’m not the only one who’s scared shitless about the whole thing. It’s a bit daunting to think about what we’re set out to do in just a little over six months. And it doesn’t really help when people’s jaws drop to the floor with disbelief when I tell them about it. In my heart I really think I can do this, but my brain is working overload to come up with reasons why I probably won’t be able to finish. So to shush the brain, I’ve resorted to dividing the race into smaller steps, or goals if you will:

Step 1: JUST START! Even if I end up failing, as soon as I’ve taken off, I can legitimately say I gave it a try.

Step 2: Get through Day One. It might get hard, but I have to give myself some time to adjust to the situation.

Step 3: Get to Checkpoint 1.

And then whatever follows next (Checkpoint 2 would probably be a logical next step). Funny enough step 1, easy as it will be, is actually also the most important step. For al you realists and critics out there, see how Anna McNuff eloquently speaks about it in this brilliant TEDx Talk. You just might get inspired!

(Thanks, my fellow racer who’s name I forgot, for sharing this)

I also got some help to ease the mind today, from a rather unexpected source. Last week I already put in a request for three weeks off in August, when today my boss insisted I’d take an extra week off. Mostly because he thinks I won’t be fast enough (thanks…), but also because he wants to make sure I’ll actually finish (thanks!!). So now I can either average 130km a day to finish in time if I have to, or finish as fast as I possibly can and have an awful lot of time to relax and recover. I can live with either outcome and everything in between, so time to shut up, brain!



NB, Soon I will get closer into detail about training, preparation, kit, and all that other stuff you bike packing junkies prefer to read about. Promised!



2 gedachtes over “Shut up, brain!

  1. I love your posts! I’m racing TCRno5 and going through similar fear of failure cycles! This really speaks to me and reassures me that taking on this super massive challenge is the right thing to do!


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