Day 4 – Louhans

Sorry, I missed my daily post yesterday evening. I’m currently waiting at a hotel in Lons Le Saunier for breakfast, so I have some time to catch up.

The early hotel on day 3 really worked it’s wonders. Only problem was the extremely comfy pillows, which made it really hard to get up. It wasn’t terrible though, I think I hit the road around 6:30. The morning was chilly in a good way, the roads were good and spirits were up. Where I thought the day before I wouldn’t stand a chance in the Alps, I now felt I would even walk up the hilly bits if I have to. 😉

My bike had company at the hotel.

My knee started out quite OK, but as soon as I really tested it and hammered up a hill, it got extremely mad at me and refused to even rotate. So I gave it some medicine and a new layer of Voltaren and gave it the rest of the day off, in hopes it would perform better when I really needed it. The route was fairly hilly, but the kind where I could get away with really low gears. And also, the area that I rode through was absolutely amazing. 4 days in it’s definitely confirmed I can take so much more if the scenery is nice.

Another novelty is that I’m really making the most of my aerobars. Not because I ever lie in them, but because I’ve been using the armrests to sit completely upright. It’s not exactly aero, but it’s the least uncomfortable position for both my lady parts and my hands. I’m sure I’m getting some laughs from French people in their car, but I’m well beyond the point of caring (I actually never was at the point of caring). 

Anyway, after leap frogging with pair #227 – whom I’ve nicknamed the B-twins – all day, I was all smug for arriving at Louhans by 9:45pm. My route on the Garmin is broken down in sections of about 250km, and today’s route was actually supposed to end in Louhans, so it felt like I was more or less on schedule. The smugness was short lived though, when I soon found out all hotel receptions in Louhans closed around 7pm or so. I thought arriving before 10pm was very decent and I’d surely find a hotel still open, but no such luck.  I checked Google and the nearest Ibis was another 20km further up the road. I tried to call them, but couldn’t get through. So at that point I thought the risk of going on for another hour and possibly strike out of luck again would be too great, so I opted to bivvy on the comfy garden furniture of one of the hotels that wasn’t open. This wasn’t too bad, it was semi OK to sleep on and never got really cold, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d call quality sleep. Also, to not have a shower, toilet or sink at your disposal is not really something for me. Being able to clean yourself after a long sweaty day, tremendously helps with feeling at least somewhat human. 

At least it got me on the road really early, but of course I didn’t have any food and very little water, so I rode to Lons Le Saunier ever so slowly, which is where I am now. Of course, on the way here, I came across at least 10 hotel options of which I probably would have found one that could let me in, but that’s how these things go.

Look what arrived while I typed this

I feel very tired now and the legs aren’t in the best of shapes, but once again I’ll just try to get as far as I possibly can, probably with a roadside nap in between. In an ideal world I would get to CP2 late tonight, but the most important thing is that today’s ride needs to be rewarded with a real bed.

Have a good day everyone!


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