Day 8 – Saas, still CH

Back on my own from here on! I just had dinner in a very Swiss hotel restaurant where I will also spend the night. Henning kept me company while drinking beer and then decided to keep going. He’s a lot more comfortable than me to ride in the dark, and I was determined to get an easy day’s ride and an early night sleep, to then hopefully be fresh and ready to pull longer days. It was only a matter of time before we parted ways and after two days it started to become more apparent that you slow each other down, so I’m looking forward to continue alone again. That being said, he was great company, and I was happy to have him near. 

That guy in the distance is Henning 🙂

In terms of riding it was actually rather uneventful today. We got on our bikes quite late. Truth is, yesterday’s ride knocked me out more than I even realized when I finished the post this morning. Only when I completely broke down when I talked to my mom, did it dawn on me how much energy I’d been spending on trying to keep myself together. My family did a great job on putting me back on my feet, and I felt a lot better after crying the emotions away. And what’s more cute and heart warming than having your 7yo niece tell you that you can do it?

Despite the good sleep and the extensive breakfast buffet, I promised myself to take it a bit easy today. The legs and mind were still tired, so better to reset it completely before the last hard bit of Alpine/Dolomites climbs. Henning and I didn’t necessarily decide to stay together for another day, but it just so happened to be that we left around the same time, so we just had a good time together joking around and chatting.

Excellent fuel stop.

After some deliberation I took the Albula pass out of the route and decided to go for Davos instead. Albula seems to be breath taking, but I couldn’t be bothered with such a serious climb today, so I’ll rather save that for some other time. It means that I’ll still have the Fluela pass ahead of me, but from what I could find online, is the profile a bit friendlier. And the way today turned out, meant that I could postpone the climb another day. 

I’m really really looking forward to be crossing into Italy tomorrow. Switzerland is beautiful, but the expensiveness starts to bore me. Besides, I’m looking forward to just be in the next country, and of course to overload on pizza’s! Most likely scenario for tomorrow is that I’ll get close to CP3, so I can stamp it off on Monday. 

In other news,

  • I haven’t checked the tracker, but I think Kristof is already enjoying a cocktail by the pool. Or it won’t be long now.
  • Another Belgian, some guy no one has ever heard of, also seems to have won some small race somewhere in Brazil. 
  • If I wasn’t smelly before (I was), I’m definitely smelly now. Thanks to the rain the stench of sweat is now mixed with the stench of wet dog. I need to come up with a plan to get laundry service while I rest somewhere.
  • Marianne Vos will try to defend her Olympic title tomorrow. Her road to the Olympics was not exactly smooth and she is even more a strong outsider than a real favorite. Since I’ll have to focus on my own ride, please will her on for me! And let me know how she did it. 

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