TCR 2017

Yes people, I will be back for TCR 2017! Not as a racer this time though. I succesfully kept myself from signing up last november, but I will be back as a volunteer (if I get assigned, even the volunteer spots are really popular, but otherwise I’ll just go as a supporter). Volunteering places still need to be assigned , but I signed up for either one of the easterly checkpoints, which for this edition means I will get to go to either the Tatras mountains in Slovakia, the Transfăgărășan in Romania or the finish, which is Meteora in Greece.

The plan right now is to ride my bike to the checkpoint, doing volunteer-y things for however long I’m needed and then do some touring in the area. I really look forward to seeing some of the action in the front of the pack, which I didn’t get to experience at all last year. I also look forward to welcoming in some familiar faces, as I met a couple of women at the Adventure Syndicate training camp in Girona in January who are joining this years’ Transcon. The womens race should be particularly interesting this year, as there are reportedly 50 women at the start (as opposed to about 20 last year). The start list still has to be released so I don’t know how official it is, but I can already tell you some of them have quite the reputation when it comes to ultra distance cycling. And never rule out the ‘rookies’. One of the TCR women in Girona is new to ultra distance cycling, but the way she can climb was equally admirable and intimidating. I’m sure the women will put up a great dot show for us this year, and I’m very excited to write a daily update for you from the comfort of my volunteer seat somewhere in East Europe.


One of the brilliant group rides with The Adventure Syndicate