What is this all about?

This blog started out in 2015 as a place for me to write about my first Transcontinental experience, which I joined in 2016 as a complete newby to ultra distance cycling. That adventure wasn’t completely succesful in terms of not making it to the finish line. However, it was very succesful in terms of having the adventure I was looking for, getting to know myself very very well, and also surprising myself in what I was capable of. What was also surprising, is that people were actually interested and entertained by my write ups. Since the TCR I want to continue going on cycling adventures, and I also want to continue writing about them, so this blog will now cover a broader range of anything cycling related.

So who is this person you’re reading about? My name is Louise and I live in Amsterdam, where I work in film distribution. As much as I enjoy being in a dark room with comfy seats watching projections on a screen, I need to properly balance it with being outside and cycling is the way to go for me. What I enjoy most about cycling is being outside, watching the scenery and surroundings, preferably discovering nice roads I’ve never been before. My favorite place to ride in The Netherlands is de Hoge Veluwe , where the terrain is actually a bit hilly, and where it’s just generally beautiful. If you ever want to come ride with me in The Netherlands, this is probably where we’ll go.


We don’t just share the roads with cars here


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